Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Pretty, Pretty Princess Room for a Pretty, Pretty Princess!!!!!

Daddy painted the room and did a fabulous job. Eva Dean, one of Ava's namesakes sent us the beautiful lamp for her room, the colors match perfectly!!!! And the Dresser I found on Craigslist for $30, it is in great condition, I am very pleased with it.

Her crib is adorable!!! The crib bedding we got at TJ Max and notice her Build-a-Bear, love it!!!!

Random pic: This is the boys back in December making the Build-a-Bear for their sister!!!!

Oh Happy Day, Baby Girl is Finally HOME!!!!!!!!

My parents were watching Bryson (and Christopher was at school) so we could go to the hospital and see Ava, she was being discharged that day but they called us that morning and told us that it wouldn't be until later on in the afternoon. We were going up to see her mid-morning and by the time we got there, they said give us an hour and you can take her home. It almost made me shed buckets of tears b.c she was born on the 4th of January and I came home on the 7th and she didn't come home until the 11th, which made for a very hard time for me trying to cope at home without her there with her family. But by the grace of God I was able to make it through.

Papa loving on his only granddaughter, what a tender moment!!!!!

Big brother, Christopher literally meeting his sister for the first time. Cool thing, he didn't even know she was coming home that day, he was soooo shocked when he got off the bus, I loved his reaction, I wished I had of taped it, for all to see, it was truly priceless!!!!!

Ok, Bryson, my funny, always has me laughing, child, really does have a very soft tender side, HE LOVES BABIES!!!!! So, when we brought his baby home he was truly beside himself. I love the way she is looking at him, like she is studying his every move, how priceless!!!!

The 2 happiest big brothers ever!!!!!

No words could describe the joy they are feeling inside knowing that their little sister is finally home!!!!

The NICU Diaries!!!!

Right after she was born, she started having some breathing issues. She was breathing too fast and it was pretty labored. So after about a few hours in the nursery, they decided to put her in the NICU. So that meant that she was not able to come into my room the whole time I was in the hospital. They told us that once she was in the NICU she would be in there until she was ready to come home and would be discharged from there. So, I was pretty sad but I knew that she was in very good hands b.c the NICU at the hospital I was at was one of the best and I was very grateful for that. So, that meant that I had to go and see her and recovering from a c-section, amongst all the pain, it was worth it to see my little angel!!!!
This was the first time holding her!!! I was and still am in love!!!!
All the tubes were annoying but I knew they were temporary!!!

Who couldn't love that face!!!!

Daddy holding his baby girl for the first time!!!!!

So happy!!!!!

He even has his "World's Greatest Dad" Shirt on to prove it!!!!

Sad pic, they had to put an IV in her forehead, OUCH!!!! I really HATED it!!!!!

Love me some baby girl!!!!!

A face only a mother could love!!!!!

She had to tan for a few days, jaundice.

No more tubes, she was finally breathing on her own, YAY!!!!! Prayers are answered!!!!

Happy momma, tired of going back and forth to the hospital though, she will be home soon is all I could say to keep myself motivated!!!!!

IV out of her forehead, YAY!!!! Look at that adorable face, I could kiss it forever and ever!!!!!

Adorable hat, we got to keep it, funny thing is it doesn't even fit her head anymore, sad!!!!

We love the no tube thing!!!!!

So sweet, a cherub from above!!!

Getting close to going home finally, she can't wait to meet her big brothers!!!!! And see her adorable room that her Daddy painted just for her!!!!

Finally able to go home, YAY, we were thrilled beyond belief, no more tubes at all!!!!! NICU it was great while it lasted but it is time to go!!!

After Ava was born we were showered with gifts!!!

Absolutely gorgeous pink roses from my sis, Shelly!!! Love ya bunches!!!
And a quilt from my mother-in-law.

Ava Grace Jones!!!!

Randy dressed and ready for the c-section!!!

Enjoy the quick video of her first born!!!

Miss Ava Grace in all her glory!!! She is FINALLY here and boy was she worth all the trouble!!!
Hair, hair and more hair, LOVE IT!!!!

My beautiful Angel!!!! Mommy loves you!!!
Her stats were:
Jan. 4, 2010
7 pounds 13 ounces
20 inches long

My Baby Shower Jan. 2, 2010

Unfortunately, these are the only pics that were taken with my camera. It was a lot of fun!!
Top pics: Steph, Shelly, Me, and my cousin from Northern VA, Mandy
Bottom pics: Bethany, Kasey, Kelly

Random cellphone pics from the past couple of years!!! Enjoy!!!!

After all this time I finally figured out how to transfer my cellphone pics to my computer, YAY!!! I hope you enjoy them!!!!
My oldest baby!!!!
Funny cellphone picture frame!!!

Great pic of my Brycie for being a cellphone pic!

Daddy and Brycie probably plotting something "TOP SECRET"!!!

My Daddy at my sister's house!!!

Brycie on a horse!!!

Chrissie on a horse too!!!

No words!!!!

LOL, this is my most favorite pic EVER!!!! This was taken last summer when I was so sick with pregnancy in one of my many hospital stays, laughing was good medicine!!!!

Tomatoes from our garden, summer of 2009, yummy!!! To bad, I was too sick to enjoy them :(

Christopher doing karate!

Bryson passed out before we even left the parking lot of the pumpkin patch.

A long time ago!!! My 2 baby boys!!!

Am I cool or what?!?

On our 5th wedding aniversary, 8-8-08!!!!

Another pic frame on my phone!

And another!!!

And again another!

My funny, funny Brycie!!!

And my funny, funny Chrissie!


Hey cowboy where is your zebra?!?

My favorite face of Brycie when he was younger!!!

Me and my boys!!!!

Funny Momma!!!

Football playing Papa!!!

Same with Daddio!!!


@ Toys-r-us, they loved this jeep!